How to Prepare


The color of the actual countertop may vary from the sample color.  If you want to confirm the color of the actual countertop, you should visit the fabricator’s local distribution center before fabrication begins.  A change in color could require an additional Change Order. You should speak with the countertop PRO to schedule a visit.


If you are not having BJ’s disconnect your plumbing, electrical and/or gas lines, please have them disconnected prior to the installation date. If these items are not disconnected, a return trip may be required, in which case a trip charge will be applied. 


If the existing countertop is not being removed by the BJ’s countertop PRO, it must be removed prior to installation.  Sinks and cooktops must also be removed, as well as the existing backsplash if it is being replaced (or if the fabricator determined that it needed to be removed to install the new countertop).


You should wait at least 24 hours after the countertop installation to schedule the reconnection of plumbing, electrical and gas lines.  


You are responsible for ensuring that cabinets and end panels are installed plumb, square, level, and are secured to the walls and/or floor. Cabinets that will rest on top of the new countertop (i.e., appliance garage, etc.) must be installed after the countertop installation.


Out of level cabinets cannot be determined until the existing countertops are removed.  Consequently, if the cabinets are being removed at the time of the install and it is determined that they are not level, a return trip may be required and a trip charge may be applied.


If additional support is needed for the new countertop, it must be installed prior to the countertop installation.


Installation of a countertop is a construction project and residual dust should be expected. We recommend that you cover the work area and turn off all fans and registers prior to the install to minimize residual dust from the job site. The job site will be left in broom-clean condition after the installation.


The designated decision maker over the age of 18 MUST be present after the installation to inspect the countertop, using the Installation Checklist below. You will be asked to sign a Completion Certificate confirming your satisfaction with the installation.


Installation Checklist


Incidental Damage


While the installers will use all reasonable care, incidental damage is possible and it is the customer’s responsibility to repair any incidental damage.


Incidental Damage includes minor scrapes, punctures, and divots to paint and dry wall. Cutting of the drywall to fit the counter is acceptable and industry standard. Minor scrapes, marks, and dings to cabinetry may also occur during install and is a normal part of the installation process. When demo occurs and the existing backsplash tile is removed, the drywall behind the wall may be significantly impacted and visible to the customer. Damage is to be expected and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair if a new backsplash is being installed or if the new backsplash covers a smaller area than the existing backsplash. Large punctures and massive damage to the exterior of cabinets are not considered incidental.




If you cancel the project AFTER fabrication, there is a restocking fee equal to 75% of the Project Cost.

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