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Call Center Lead Entry

Call Center Lead Entry - BJs Home Improvement

Great, let's get some information about your project.

What's your First and Last Name?

Verify spelling

How did you learn about our service?

What is the project Zip Code?

Can you confirm the Store that you shop in?

What product are you interested in?

If Tile is selected, ask where it is being installed.
If in a Shower or "outside" on a patio,
Direct Connect with Affiliate.

Can I have your email?

If they object, explain that we need it to send notifications about their project.

Great, let's get 3 dates and times when you'll be available for the appointment.

If they ask why 3 dates and times, explain that it helps us find a time that will work for the contractor.

If customer is not prepared to provide ANY dates and times:

No problem, let's go ahead and get your contact information so that the contractor can call you to schedule the appointment.

If customer INSISTS on setting a specific date and time, submit the request with one date and time and say the following:

Let's go ahead and submit your request and if there's any issue the contractor will call you directly.

Complete the field below ONLY if Customer requests a specific installation date.

What is the street address for the project?

Confirm City; Select a different City if needed.

Is your mailing address the same as the project address?

What's the best phone number to reach you to confirm your appointment?

Is that your cell, home or office?

Do you have another number in case we can't reach you at your primary number?

And is that your cell, home or office?

We need a number other than Office so that the auto-dialer can leave a message.

Great, you'll receive confirmation of your appointment
as soon as it is confirmed by the contractor.

Do you have any questions before I submit your request?

Great, we look forward to helping you with your project.